Founder's Story

Good makes good


In 2014 our founder Jesse was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune gut disease caused by chronic inflammation. When his traditional doctor said there was no cure, and that he’d need to take harsh prescription medications for the rest of his life to manage his symptoms, Jesse decided to explore alternative healing practices.


Jesse shifted to eating an extremely clean and selective diet that included only cultured dairy, grass-fed animal protein, cooked vegetables and fruit. His symptoms left after the first four weeks, and after living this way for three years Jesse completely cured himself of the disease. This experience firmly validated Jesse’s belief that food is medicine, and inspired him to launch Good Culture.


Through Good Culture’s founding, Jesse learned that most U.S. dairy cows are confined, creating an animal welfare and environmental problem. He knew there had to be a better way, and vowed to be part of the solution to create a regenerative and pasture-raised milk supply. Good Culture’s mission is to reinvent the food system from the (actual) ground up, to create a healthier planet, people and animals, and we’re well on our way!

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