Safe Catch Tuna + Good Culture Cottage Cheese Mini Bell Peppers

SERVING SIZE: 3-4 people

PREP TIME: 3-5 minutes

COOK TIME: 0 minutes

These adorable little snacks are not only super easy to throw together, but only 3 ingredients! Sweet and crunchy mini bell pepper halves are stuffed with creamy and delicious Good Culture cottage cheese and then topped with pieces of tuna from your favorite Safe Catch Elite Tuna pouches.


Cutting Board Mixing Bowl Fork


10 Mini Bell Peppers
1 pouch of Safe Catch Seasoned Elite Wild Tuna (I used Garlic Herb)
Good Culture Cottage Cheese (2% or 4% depending on your preference)
Salt & Pepper to Taste


1. Take each mini bell pepper and cut them evenly in half. Remove seeds.
2. Stuff each half with forkfuls of cottage cheese until evenly distributed.
3. Salt and pepper each pepper half.
4. Empty your favorite Safe Catch Seasoned Tuna pouch into a small mixing bowl (do not drain) and use a fork to fluff up your tuna.
5. Take small forkfuls of tuna and spread it on top of each pepper half.


The perfect and most simple after-school or afternoon snack! Parent tip – place the tuna first on the inside of the pepper and top with cottage cheese. Switch up the tuna flavors for different occasions. You could do this with seasoned salmon packets as well.

Recipe created in partnership with Safe Catch Tuna and Kayla Perrett.